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* Measurement concerning the maximum area of reading of your machine embroidery and extension used.
** Check the measures design and if the same are supported in height and width permitted for your machine model.


The Terms of this Refund Policy govern the purchase of this digital product. It is important that the user is aware and understands all the conditions established before making the purchase. These guidelines aim to establish a transparent and secure relationship between the customer and the company, ensuring compliance with the obligations and rights of both parties. The purpose of these terms is to establish the rules and conditions for use and refund of the purchased digital product. The terms aim to guarantee the legal security of transactions, protect user rights and provide a legal basis for resolving any conflicts that may arise. Click Borde is aware of its responsibility for the final result of its product, so we propose to carefully and individually examine any failure that results in a cancellation or refund request, applying all our efforts to review and adjust this product so that the customer can to be sure that the manufacturing process will be successful, therefore the consumer undertakes to follow all the conditions described in the terms and conditions of use, as well as the refund policy created in accordance with the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code.

1.1. – Refund may be requested under the following conditions: communication failure from the payment operator causing delay in releasing the order according to the chosen deadline, discrepancy in the product description, delay in releasing the order due to error on the platform, corrupted file and disapproved result embroidery that does not match the image presented at the time of purchase.
1.1.1 – If you request a refund of the amount paid, you will need to fill out the refund form by opening a ticket in the customer area, which will be responded to within 2 business days. After the error is detected, the refund will be made using the chosen payment option, or inclusion of store credit for subsequent purchase of another product. The purchase invoice that has already been issued will be canceled
1.1.2—If the customer rejects the embroidery, they must request a refund of the amount paid by opening a call in their customer area.
1.1.3- If the embroidery is rejected after the customer has confirmed that there were no machine or human errors, that is, the error is in the purchased product, the refund of the paid product will be made.
8.2 – If the finished embroidery is rejected due to machine or human error, a photo of the embroidered product will be requested for evaluation in order to resolve all possibilities of errors resulting from mechanical failures and/or human errors, aware of the conditions imposed if there is no proof If the purchased file fails, the amount will remain paid by the customer in full and no refund will be made.
1.2.1- If the purchased product is unusable, due to lack of analysis of the product description, how to check the limit area (in centimeters) of your embroidery machine, such as the type of file format/extension used (DST, PES , JEF, HUS, EXP, SEW, XXX, and VP3) causing product incompatibility with your embroidery machine will not include a refund of the amount paid.
1.2.2- The purchased product will be rendered unusable, as it is a zipped file product (ZIP), aware that after downloading, a tool/software will be required on your computer to decompress and extract the files to your computer or pen drive , therefore the product purchased and subsequently unusable due to the limitations of these conditions will not be refunded.
1.3 – As it is a digital product, it will not be possible to request an exchange.
1.3.1 - As it is a digital product, after releasing the order for download, it would be understood as a product received and used, making it impossible to return.
1.3.2- Requesting a refund due to regretting the purchase, the customer must do so within seven calendar days, counting from the date of release of the download using the refund form.
1.3.3- In the personalized product, after analyzing the delivery time and value informed, approval will take place upon completion of payment for the order, the personalized product will be developed and refund requests due to regret of the purchase will no longer be permitted, as It is a product that has already been developed personalized for you.




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