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* Measurement concerning the maximum area of reading of your machine embroidery and extension used.
** Check the measures design and if the same are supported in height and width permitted for your machine model.

The Click Borde is a success story

that since 2009 offers in its catalog the best of embroidery in files for machines.

Moved by the challenge of offering quality to our customers,

we seek to qualify more and more, becoming thus, reference of this segment in helping you realize your dream, embroidering, both in Brazil and in the world. Whose differential is: To appreciate good service, offering agility and security for you to buy and embroider with the best and most modern in the market.

The Click Borde is a project that takes pride in the way it was born.

Between lines and needles, and very affectionate family.
When we receive a click from a large or small distant country, in a continent that we do not even know, or even from a small town in the interior of Brazil, I can imagine, in which church or imposing cathedral of the world, my embroidery will be adorned or wearing who?

So I can not fail to thank my father and my mother

for the teachings and the examples of caring for the clients so they taught us to admire and respect this office.
I can not fail to thank them for their dedication as I have seen them embroider for years, while my sister and I slept in the hammock beside them and played under the machines.

Currently we still work as a family

but instead of needles, computers; instead of ringing ringing, chat and emails.
So believe in your dreams as well, because our goal here is to help you realize them.

Ensure the success of your embroidery
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