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* Measurement concerning the maximum area of reading of your machine embroidery and extension used.
** Check the measures design and if the same are supported in height and width permitted for your machine model.

Delivery, Payment and Warranty

This Virtual Store will carry out the entire process from the Register, Registration activation, Confirmation of the Purchase Order and Release of the Purchase Order File (s) through notices in your registered electronic mail. As the responsibility for the veracity of the delivery address is exclusive to the acquirer, it is extremely important to conference and activate the registered e-mail address, as this will be our communication channel. At no time will be sent files to embroider attached to the emails. Discharging them is performed by the client, after receiving the notice and the appropriate instructions by e-mail.

It begins to be accounted after the completion of your purchase and payment made successfully. The release of the request to perform the Files Download happens immediately as soon as the payment is approved.

By choosing the Immediate Delivery option you can pay with the following options:

- Paypal - Immediate and automatic release, in a matter of seconds after authorization of the payment operator

- PayU - Immediate and automatic release, in a matter of seconds after authorization of the payment operator

- Free - Immediate and automatic release: once the purchase of the free product has finished the order will be released.

Click Borde works and makes every effort to provide excellent service in the development of designs for electronic embroidery, so that all the products marketed in our store through the packages or individually have been carefully developed and revised by our team so that the customer is successful in producing your embroidery. Therefore we understand that the embroidery finished by the client will be completely in agreement with the quality, textures and sizes of the acquired file. The User acknowledges and accepts that, when acquiring files in Click Borde Virtual Store, he does so at his own risk, exempting the Click Borde Virtual Store from any responsibility in products finalized with our files. To clarify doubts about the misuse or failure of a file purchased in our store, see: Terms and Conditions of use of this site in paragraphs 7.4.1 - 7.4.2 - 7.4.3 - 7.4.4 - 7.4.5

The Policies listed below and your Purchase Order constitute the terms and conditions of the Purchase and Sale Agreement ("Agreement") of the product that is the object of your Purchase Order:
1) Privacy Policy;
2) Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site;
3) Delivery, Payment and Warranty Policy;

This agreement is governed by Brazilian law, without regard to principles of conflict of law.
You may not assign or transfer your rights or obligations under the Agreement without the prior written consent of this company.