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* Measurement concerning the maximum area of reading of your machine embroidery and extension used.
** Check the measures design and if the same are supported in height and width permitted for your machine model.


  • R$25.00

Product Code: PROJNOEL1

1-Face: 11.80 cm width - 5.40 cm height - 851 stitches
2-Nariz: 3.20 cm width - 3.20 cm height - 524 stitches
3-Beard: 18.50 cm width - 15.00 cm height - 3297 stitches
4-Mustache: cm width - cm height - stitches
5-Hat: 12.70 cm width - 8.20 cm height - 1368 stitches
6-Bola do Chapéu: 6.00 cm width - 6.00 cm height - 1146 stitches
7-Turn of the hat: 16.80 cm width - 5.90 cm height - 2444 stitches

This pack consists of 7 designs to be embroidered separately, cut out and reserved. After all, embroider the layers by gluing them with hot glue, resulting in a 30 cm by 18 cm Santa Claus - Measurements are in centimeters * Note: When cropping leave a scrap of fabric on the bottom of the hat and on the bottom and top of the face so you can join the next overlapping parts together.


Analyze the measurements of each part that composes this embroidery

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