Have a doubt in size?
Relax we will help you!
* Measurement concerning the maximum area of reading of your machine embroidery and extension used.
** Check the measures design and if the same are supported in height and width permitted for your machine model.


I forgot my password, how to proceed?

If your password is not correct, or forgot to request a new password in the link in the footer of the store and access your registered e-mail click the link to reset your password.

Why do I have to create an account to buy?

Why the delivery of the files will happen in your account precisely in your area of the customer, after the registration has been made, your account has been created, now on our home page in access, perform your login, now in your client area you already find your Order history and you can download purchased embroidery, check the progress of your orders for creations, check your balance in the store, open a call of doubt among others ...

How do I activate my in-store account?

Access your email and locate the subject email "Activate your account now!" click on the link that we send you at this moment you will be directed to the store and your account will be activated.

Why do I need to enter my physical address when registering?

The physical address is used in the security of financial transactions for payments by credit card.

I can not access my account, how should I proceed?

If you have already requested a new password and could not succeed, send an email to contato@clickborde.com.br and describe the problem, inform registered emails and your full name

What do the acronyms in "Choice by extension" mean?

They are the different types of files, read in the different embroidery machines. If you have questions about which extension can be read on your machine refer to the Machines tab on the left of the screen.

What software is used to create embroidery?

We work with genuine Wilcom Embroidery Studio E3 Elements software, which is undoubtedly the best artistic tool on the market.

What sells this store?

we commercialize designs to be used exclusively in embroidery machines

Will the shop drawings be delivered embroidered in cloth?

No, the shop drawings are digital files to be downloaded to your computer and later run on an embroidery machine. We do not have physical products, there is no physical delivery, we do not market finished embroidery

This store offers for creating new embroidery service?

Yes through a form that you access in the footer of the store called Custom Embroidery, you fill in and attach your art, or if you want a new creation from a drawing ready for sale in the store is also possible, you inform the drawing code that saw and liked, and describes how you want this change. In the form, give us as much information as possible and wait for our evaluation.

This store has some safety certification?

Yes, the Click Borde ensures your security, so it has the security seal of the Comodo SSL certificate with it all your transactions on the site are encrypted and secure! On protected pages the web address should be preceded by https: // instead of the usual http: // in the browser address bar. Also, double-click the lock icon on the browser status bar to display the digital certificates for the site. The name that follows Issued in the certificate must match the site you think it is on

Which machines accept the files sold in this store?

The machines that can read extensions sold in the store are: Tajima, Brother, Singer, Elna, Husqvarna, Janome, Babylock, Bermina, Happy, ZSK, SWF, Toyota, Melco, Barudan, Stellar and Simplicity

Note: almost all machines read more than one type of file, and some models of the same brand can read a certain type of file and others do not. Analyze before buying our Machine Profiles table.

How do I open a call about a problem with an order?

You can open a call by accessing the customer area and then "Open a Call" in the menu on the left, locate the subject you want and wait for it to return.

Can I embroider the designs on products that I will market?

Yes, you use the designs on any product and market them without problems. We only inform you that they are drawings of collective use and you can find the same embroidery by other clients.