Terms and Conditions for Use of the Website and Digital Products

The purpose of this document is to define the terms and conditions that govern the purchase of digital products in this virtual store, as well as the rules and guidelines for the right to use these products.


Click Borde ® is primarily committed to the privacy and security of its customers throughout browsing and purchasing on the website. Customer registration data is 100% secured by SSL protocol, uses a data encryption process, prevents the data transmitted from being captured by encryption and is not sold as described in the Privacy Policy. Registration data is used to establish contact during purchases through the online store, in automatic responses to purchase and cancellation emails, in payment confirmations and order releases, in sending DANFE electronic invoices. During the purchase process, we do not store data relating to the customer's credit card as mentioned in the Privacy Policy. The payment process is done through a secure payment environment within the store, or on market-leading payment platforms, which use safe and appropriate means to carry out financial transactions.


The opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm, during weekdays. Click Borde reserves the right to change these opening hours without notice and in accordance with the determination of the site administration.


The deadline for replying to requested emails through the customer's area is up to 24 business hours, however we strive daily for the emails to be answered as soon as possible.

Automatic and immediate responses to emails:

3.1-. Registration successfully :
As soon as you register in seconds you will receive an email with your details and password.

3.2- Purchases made successfully:
With each new purchase you will be notified immediately in the registered email, as well as any new payment attempts made with or without success.

3.3- Payment made successfully Download Released:
When payment is approved the notification by email will be immediate and subject: Download Released, containing payment information as well as instructions necessary to download the files

3.4 - Purchases made successfully by payment operators *:
On redirect to secure payment environment as soon as payment is confirmed you will be redirected to the online store again.
Three answers emails will be generated: 1- containing the summary of the purchase order made, 2- informed about the Released Download if the approved payment contains the necessary instructions to download the 3- the payment operator's files containing information about the purchase, as well as approval and / or non-payment
* On disapproved payments the payment operator will automatically send emails containing links to retry attempts to pay for the same order.

3.5- Abandoned Cars:
When you log in and leave carts with products in the store, you will be notified by e-mail in a few hours, containing a link for immediate payment of all cart products, with possible possibility of discounts being generated.

3.6- Purchases made successfully, awaiting payment:
When making an unsuccessful purchase at the end of the payment or the approval of the same, the notification by e-mail will be of Successful purchase, but the order has not yet had its payment made successfully, in this e-mail generated and sent automatically there will be the possibility of making another attempt to pay the same order.

3.7- Purchases with disapproved payments
After making 3 attempts to pay for the same unsuccessful purchase at the end of the payment or at the end of the payment, the automatic email notification will be of Canceled Order


These terms and conditions govern the purchase and use of digital products purchased solely for embroidery purposes. Its scope covers the acquisition of these files, storage and use respecting the conditions established by the creators. By following the guidelines here, you will be ensuring the correct use of digital products, ensuring the preservation of copyright and the quality of the files.

4.1 - Upon registration, the user is aware of the terms and conditions described in this policy and also the terms of adhesion, permission and concession of use of the products purchased and limits of use.
4.2 - Products marketed by Click Borde should be used only in embroidery machines and with the sole and exclusive purpose of meeting the need of the purchaser, and it is FORBIDDEN to resell, reproduce, share in social networks and any other form of exposure is prohibited. it physical or virtual without the proper authorization of the store administrators according to the rules of use described below:
4.2-3 - From social networks: free or non-free sharing of our files on social networks, solidarity or free sharing groups, sites that encourage plagiarism and reproduction without authorization, biased exposure to religions, beliefs or political any segment.
4.2.4 - Failure to comply with the terms (4.2 - 4.2.3 - 4.4) is characterized as a violation of the rights and terms of use of this site. The violation of the conditions imposed reserves the right to hold the user responsible for penalties applicable (legal or not), exclusion and / or limitation at any time and without previous users and their access to order histories and future purchases.
4.3 - Click Borde Virtual Shop will not be responsible in any circumstance for clothes damaged by misuse of the acquired files.
4.3.1 - In accordance with the terms and conditions of this site policy, requests for cancellation and / or return for a refund of the amount paid will only be accepted under the following conditions:
4.4- All embroidery files displayed on the site including free products are copyrighted by Click Borde ® and are intended for the exclusive and personal use of the individual to purchase them. You may not reproduce and / or resell our products or any part thereof, by email, floppy disk, CD or machine card, or by any other means without special permission. These designs can be embroidered unlimitedly in the production of goods for resale by a company, individual or own use.


These terms and conditions govern the use of digital products purchased exclusively for embroidery, as well as the purchase, payment and download of these digital products exclusively through the Click Borde platform. Its scope includes the acquisition and storage of these files, as well as their use in accordance with the conditions established by the creators. By following the instructions here, you will ensure that digital products are used correctly and that the copyright and quality of the files are maintained. The User agrees that, when using the Site, he will not:

5.1-    Make purchases through channels other than through the platform.
5.5.1 - Violate any of these Terms and Conditions of Use and the Refund Policy mentioned.
5.5.2 - Committing fraud by donating, sharing or distributing files on social networks, media groups and others.
5.5.3 - Propagating, distributing or transmitting destructive codes, whether or not they have caused actual damage;
5.5.4 - Violate or infringe intellectual property rights, fiduciary or contractual rights, privacy rights or publicity of others;
5.5.5 - Reproduce, copy, modify, modify, create derivative works from reselling any of the files offered by the site or any part thereof, including images or the information or data contained in these services;
5.5.6 - Propagating, distributing or transmitting destructive codes, whether or not they have caused actual damage; as well as abusive or offensive content in the comments;
5.4.7 - Transmit content that does not belong to the User or that he has no right to publish or distribute, whether under law or contract;
5.5.8 - Accessing the Site without authorization, through hacking, password mining or any other fraudulent means or that represents a violation of the rights of third parties;
5.5.9 Failure to comply with any applicable laws, rules, rules, principles and regulations;
5.5.10 - Help any third party to carry out any of the actions prohibited by these Terms and Conditions of Use.


The User undertakes to report any abuses or violations of these Terms and Conditions of Use or any rights of third parties that observe and / or is a victim when using the Site. The User must use the channel (s) available on the Site for communication with the company.
6.1 - Any content that the User publishes using any discussion forum is information that, by its nature and characteristics, is public, open and non-confidential. By revealing personal information such as your name and email address in the comments.
6.2 - User accepts and understands that this information can be collected and used by other people to communicate with him, without any attributable responsibility to the owner of the site. Therefore, it is recommended that the User be careful when deciding to share any personal information on any website.


The Click Borde virtual shop is not responsible for any damages suffered by the User or third parties that, in any way, has origin or dependence related to the Site.

7.1 - Click Borde virtual shop is exempt from any liability for damages resulting from any interruption or error on the Site, including the impossibility of accessing the Site and / or related websites.

7.2 - The User acknowledges that there is no involvement or intervention of A Click Borde Loja Virtual in the businesses celebrated with the Merchants in the Info site. In no case will this company be liable for any damage or loss suffered by the User as a result of the negotiations carried out through the Info site, depending on the conduct of the Merchants, including, but not limited to, fraud or online fraud.
7.3 - The Click Borde Virtual Store does not have the obligation to control, and does not effectively control, the offer and sale of Products in the Third Party Virtual Stores, the conditions of sale of the Products established by the Merchants, and the fulfillment, by the Merchant, of the obligations arising from the offer and sale of the Products.
The User acknowledges and accepts that, when negotiating with the Merchants, he does so at his own risk, exempting Click Borde Loja from any responsibility.
7.4- Click Borde Loja Virtual is not responsible for incorrect information provided at the time of registration by the customer, as well as incorrect information that will be transmitted to the electronic invoice.


The user understands that the refund may be requested under the following conditions in accordance with the refund policy:

8.1.1 - Due to failure in communication from the payment operator causing delay in releasing the order according to the deadline.

8.1.2 – Due to divergence from the product description.

8.1.3 - Due to delay in releasing the purchase due to an error on the platform.

8.1.4 – In the case of a corrupted file.

8.1.5 - If the embroidery result is rejected and does not match the image presented at the time of purchase.

8.2– The user undertakes to request a refund in accordance with the refund policy using the form in their internal area.

8.2-1. The user undertakes to send images, photos and other information for future reimbursement analysis.

8.2.2– The user undertakes to provide their bank details for payment of a refund of the value of the purchased product.

8.2.3 – If the result of the completed analysis is not accepted, the user may open a second ticket for refund analysis as a reply.

8.2.4 - After analyzing the refund and positive proof of quality in the result of the embroidered product, the status of download released would be understood as a delivered order, making a new refund request impossible.

8.2.5- If you regret the purchase, the user must do so within seven calendar days, counting from the date of release of the order.

8.2.6- Requesting a refund will not be permitted if you regret purchasing a personalized product after paying for the order.


The Click Borde Virtual Store ® respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and requires Users to do the same:
9.1 - Once requested specific file development, the intellectual property of the same belongs to the client and does not give us the right to commercialize this file in our virtual store without prior authorization.
9.1.2 - Once you acknowledge and declare that you wish to contribute to our store, by duly executed agreement and authorized the Click Borde Virtual Store has the right of disclosure and permission under the file developed making the correspondent of common use the commercialization of the even in our store, and this will not constitute infringement of copyright, trademarks, secrets, rights.
9.3 - The User undertakes to comply with all national and international laws regarding Intellectual Property Rights.


We abide by the rules of good practice, conduct and national laws on the use and trade of products over the internet. These Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil and all disputes, actions and other related matters shall be determined in accordance with such laws.


We have 256-bit SSL Let's Encrypt digital security certification system, maximum level of security available to ensure the security of Internet transactions. The SSL protocol uses a process of encryption of data, prevents the traffic data can be captured or even changed in its course between the user's browser, thus ensuring the complete security of sensitive information such as personal data, number of documents among others. Therefore, the information travels encrypted throughout the purchase process as well as on all HTTPS pages, not allowing improper access to the data of our system and our customers.